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Surge Protectors Are A Basic Requirement


A surge protector is a basic requirement for your My High Speed Networks Inc. connection.


Power surges or lightning can travel through your telephone line, your cable connection and your power line.  This can damage your computer equipment or modem.


To help protect your computer and modem from power surges or lightning damage BOTH the computer and the modem MUST be plugged into a surge protector.  Your telephone line, your DSL line, your Ethernet connection or your connection to your wireless radio MUST also go through the surge protector.


In other words, all your connections -  not just the electrical connections - need to go through the surge protector to help protect you from damage.


Many older surge protectors don't include connections for your telephone line, your DSL line, your Ethernet connection or your connection to your wireless radio.  We recommend you replace these older surge protectors with one that does.


A common misconception is that a power bar acts as a surge protector.  It doesn't.  A power bar typically offers little to no protection from power surge damage.


Surge protectors are inexpensive and available locally from computer stores like CompuSilv and Luanne.  Their experts can advise you on how to install the surge protector and help protect your equipment.


Your computer, your modem, your DSL line, your Ethernet and/or your connection to your wireless equipment must go through a surge protector.  Damage caused by lightning is not covered by the modem or computer manufacturer warranties or by My High Speed Networks Inc..  Equipment purchased or rented from My High Speed Networks Inc. that is damaged by power surges or lightning will be subject to a replacement or repair charge.



Contact our sister company for further information:

Four-O-One Electric offers a complete line of services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Solar customers. They are the area experts in surge protectors, and we refer all customers to them for this essential part of your home network.


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