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Password Security Best Practices


The single most important security tool is your Internet account password. Your password prevents unauthorized users from accessing your Internet account.


A poor password is something obvious - like your name or the name of your dog or your birthday.  These types of passwords are easy for others to guess.


A strong password is one that isn't easy for others to guess.  A strong password is something like a random combination of numbers and letters and combinations of upper and lower cases.  Here's an example of a strong password:  ewr1954BOY


You need more than just a strong password.  You need to keep your password to yourself.  Your Internet password should be kept private.  With the exception of My High Speed Networks Inc., you should never share your password with others.  Not even your family.


Your Internet account password should only be shared with My High Speed Networks Inc..  My High Speed Networks Inc. needs your password so that you can access your Internet account.  We also keep your password on file in case you need a reminder.





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