Employment Opportunities


We believe that our strength lies in our people.


We are committed to providing challenging and fulfilling work.  Because we value the skills and expertise of our people, we strive to keep them in work and to retain our top performing team.



Who are we looking for?


We seek people who want to grow in their knowledge, skill, and abilities, and who want to make positive contributions to the team.   Some of the competencies we look for include reliability, integrity and commitment.



How to Apply? Frequently Asked Questions




How do I view jobs?


To view and apply for current Truespeed job opportunities, please click on ‘Careers’ in the upper right hand corner of the Home page.



How do I apply for a specific job?


When you see a job opportunity that interests you, click on the Job Title, read the job description and if you meet the requirements, send your resume and cover letter to hr@myhighspeed.ca.


Your application will be reviewed against the skills and experience requirements of the job. The time it takes for MHSN to complete the application review process varies with each position. Should your experience and skills match these requirements, you will be contacted to arrange an interview.


Due to anticipated volumes of applicants, we are unable to respond to telephone and email inquiries about the status of your application. Only suitable candidates will be contacted by MHSN.


How do I confirm that my resumé has been submitted?


Once you have applied to an opportunity, you will receive an email notification that your resumé has been submitted for review. Should your experience and skills match the requirements, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. Only suitable candidates will be contacted by MHSN.



I’ve applied for a job. When will I receive a response?


It typically takes up to a couple weeks after a job posting has closed for the recruiter to contact candidates they want to interview for the role. Only suitable candidates will be contacted by MHSN.


At times, we will review submitted resumes for future opportunities. We will keep resumes on file for six months.  We encourage you to resend your resume after six months if you remain interested in MHSN.



I don’t see any current opportunities that I’m interested or qualified for.

Can I still apply?


If you are interested in MHSN but do not see opportunities that you are interested in or qualified for, you can email your resume and cover letter to hr@myhighspeed.ca to be considered for future opportunities.


We encourage you to continue to check our site regularly and apply directly to the positions you’re interested in and qualified for as they are posted online.



Does MHSN  hire internationally for jobs in Canada?


MHSN is a Canadian company operating in Canada. For MHSN jobs based in Canada we have a responsibility and a legal obligation to hire Canadians first.  MHSN only hires candidates from outside of Canada when there is a shortage of that specific skill in the Canadian labour market and we can demonstrate to the Government of Canada that we are unable to fill our position(s) with a Canadian. You can learn more about the Foreign Worker Program by visiting the Government of Canada website.



I am currently living in Canada, am I eligible to work at MHSN?

To be considered for a job at MHSN you must be eligible to work in Canada and 18 years old or over. Visit the Government of Canada website for more information.

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